Wocket Smart Wallet


The Basics

What is Wocket™?

Wocket™ is the world’s first, Smart Wallet. Wocket™ turns up to 10,000 cards into just one WocketCard and the best part is, Wocket uses biometric voice security to keep all your information protected.

How much does Wocket™ cost?
How do I purchase Wocket™?
What makes Wocket™ smart?
How does Wocket™ work?
How is Wocket™ different from other smart cards and digital wallets?

Form and Function

How does Wocket™ protect against identity theft?
How do I use payment cards, such as credit and debit cards?
I just received a new EMV card, will it work with Wocket™?
Are other methods of payment and/or transferring information supported besides dynamic magnetic stripe?
What about RF skimming – does the Wocket™ require RF blocking like other wallets?
How can I prevent my cards from being cloned or used if my Wocket™ is lost or stolen?

Payment and Security

Will Wocket™ make my wallet thinner?
How small is Wocket™?
What styles and colors can I get with my Wocket™?
What about cash?
What about my driver’s license?

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