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The Wocket makes a fantastic gift as well. With the holidays coming up, imagine the joy you'll give someone who often has to rifle through all their cards to find the right one when they go shopping.

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I’ve been testing my Smart Wallet out over the last few weeks and I am actually loving it.  I love the easy ability to switch between my cards, not having to carry my bulky wallet which weighs down my purse I like the touchscreen features and being able to take notes while shopping. It’s very convenient and like I said switching between cards is easy.

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The holidays are coming, and whether you have men’s gifts, tech gifts or even just a gift for yourself on your list, and electronic wallet is something anyone and everyone can use.

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I chose the card I wanted to use and removed the Wocket card from my wallet and handed it to the cashier. She swiped it and gave it back to me. It worked! I am using this now instead of carrying my heavy wallet around and I don’t think I’ll have issues with hoarding receipts anymore.

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With the Wocket, I can leave all my cards locked away in the hostel or hotel and just take my Wocket out with me. My Wocket is locked, and either requires my personal pin or voice to unlock.

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The Wocket Wallet is a unique piece of technology because, unlike other similar devices, you do not need to connect it with a smartphone, other apps, or the internet. It works all on its own. Biometric VoiceMatch protection gives you added security.

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What is a Wocket? It’s not a Dr. Seuss book. Wocket is a new Smart Wallet. Now I know you are asking what the heck a Smart Wallet is. How can a wallet be smart? It’s a wallet. It holds cards. Well that’s what Wocket does. It holds your cards. All of them. And it holds them in a secure electronic format that only you can use. It’s so simple, its genius. And I want one.

These wallets are so cool and really the way of the future.  This would be a perfect gift for men, women, anyone.  With Christmas being right around the corner this is a great idea for those hard to shop for people.

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If you’re like us and suffer from “overstuffed and/or over-sized wallet syndrome”, this Electronic Wallet is a must. Thanks to the Wocket Smart Wallet, we’re now in the market for something thin, like a card holder or leather billfold, just to carry cash and receipts, everything else goes into our Wocket Wallet. As we transfer all our giftcards, etc to this Ewallet, we still can’t believe how slimmer our usual wallet is becoming.

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Instead of carrying a purse or wallet full of cards, you can slim down to a single protected device, You can use the Wocket card anywhere a magnetic card reader is accepted (virtually anywhere) and since all your cards are stored on the Wocket, you can leave them at home.