• What is Wocket?
  • Wocket is the world's first, Smart Wallet. Wocket turns thousands of cards into just one WocketCard and the best part is, Wocket uses biometric voice security to keep all your information protected.

  • How much does Wocket cost?
  • Wocket costs $179 and is currently only available via www.wocketwallet.com.

  • How do I purchase Wocket?
  • Wocket is available for purchase now through the online store. If you have an invite code, enter it on the checkout page of the store.

  • What makes Wocket smart?
  • Wocket protects all of your private information inside an electronic vault while reducing the number of cards in your wallet. Biometric and other patent pending technologies make Wocket the smartest wallet on the market.

  • How does Wocket work?
  • Simply swipe all your favorite cards directly into Wocket using the included card reader. Barcodes and text, such as voter's registration, loyalty and/or membership cards, can all be entered manually into Wocket as well.

  • How is Wocket different from other smart cards and digital wallets?
  • Wocket works all by itself! Many products on the market rely on a smartphone, app and internet connection. Wocket works by itself so no matter what the situation you can always use your wallet. However, Wocket can even communicate with your phone or tablet using the Wocket app as well a way to manage your account, and update its firmware.

  • Will Wocket make my wallet thinner?
  • Wocket is your wallet! Not only is it the smartest wallet you will ever own, it keeps your wallet thin, helps protect your identity, and reduces the number and types of cards you have to carry.

  • How small is Wocket?
  • Wocket's size varies with accessories, but caters to the minimalist and the power user. With the base accessory, Wocket is as small as 3.46"W x 2.75"H x .39"T

  • What styles and colors can I get with my Wocket?
  • Wocket is the only smart wallet that can also set the next fashion trend! A full selection of accessories will become available as we get closer to shipping. Accessories will come in various styles, textures and colors for whatever you plan to do. One accessory for the gym and another for a night out on the town!

  • What about cash?
  • Wocket was designed with the ability to accessorize in mind. When you need to carry cash, simply slip on one of the cash holding accessories onto your Wocket. Wocket is the first smart wallet to support cash and other information such as insurance cards or voter's registration cards. Additional accessories will be announced and available later this year.

  • What about my driver's license?
  • You can store all your driver's license information by swiping it into Wocket. However, this will not display your photo. We encourage you to carry your physical ID or license, so we've added an extra card holder to the the back of the accessory that comes with your Wocket. How cool is that?

  • Is any of my information or cards stored in the cloud?
  • Wocket protects whatever information you store in on a tamper-proof, encrypted chip protected by your biometric voice print. We believe you should have full control over your information, so Wocket will never upload your card data to a server, or store it on an insecure device such as your smartphone.

  • How do I use payment cards, such as credit and debit cards?
  • When making a purchase, simply select your card via the touch screen, remove the Wocket Card from the Wocket, and swipe it as you usually would. Your Wocket Card transmits the information of the card you selected to the point of sale terminal using our exclusive patent pending in-card antenna technology.

    The Wocket Card will have your name and signature on it to verify your identity. If a merchant needs any specific card information, it is conveniently displayed on the screen of your Wocket

  • I just received a new EMV card, will it work with Wocket?
  • If your card has a magnetic stripe, lock it in your Wocket and swipe away!

  • Are other methods of payment and/or transferring information supported besides dynamic magnetic stripe?
  • Yes, Wocket supports barcode, QR code and in the future, bluetooth payments.

  • What about RF skimming – does the Wocket require RF blocking like other wallets?
  • Since our dynamic card is zeroized after each use, no RF blocking is required for Wocket or the WocketCard. However, since some accessories allow for other cards to be stored in Wocket, these may include RF blocking to accommodate these 3rd party cards.

  • How can I prevent my cards from being cloned or used if my Wocket is lost or stolen?
  • Your Wocket is biometrically locked to you and you alone. While we can't ensure that your card never gets skimmed by that sketchy pizza delivery guy, Wocket's security features make it practically worthless to anyone else that gets hold of it.

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