• Charge Before Use
  • Remember to charge your Wocket before using it for the first time. Once charged, you shouldn’t have to recharge for months. See Charging instructions under 'first time setup'.

  • Swipe Success Rate
  • Based on extensive testing, Wocket is working great all across the United States. We are aware of some systems (including ATMs that completely swollow your card) where it doesn't currently work - we're working hard to get those locations working. WocketCard has been designed so that it can be remotely upgraded using the (soon to be released) My Wocket Companion App. You'll receive instructions for downloading the app and updates soon.

  • VoiceMatch™ Enabled
  • Your Wocket is VoiceMatch enabled. A one time setup of VoiceMatch requires the My Wocket companion app. As soon as the App is available, you will receive instructions for how to set up the biometric security on your Wocket. Until that time, your Wocket is protected by the same advanced encryption and passcode authentication.

  • Wocket Smart Wallet
  • Your Wocket Smart Wallet comes with a standard accessory which holds your physical ID card or other physical card that you might want to carry.

  • Wocket Card
  • Your Wocket Card is already in your Wocket. Make sure you sign the back of the card before using it for the first time.

  • Card Reader
  • You will use this to add new magnetic striped cards to your Wocket.

  • USB Charging Cable
  • The USB Charging Cable connects to any powered USB port on a computer or outlet. To charge Wocket, remove the accessory and connect to the port on the bottom. We recommend charging overnight when you first receive your Wocket.

  • Turning Wocket On And Off
  • Press the Wocket button once to turn it on. A longer press will power Wocket down. Your Wocket will automatically turn off if it is idle for 30 seconds to conserve battery. You can adjust this in the settings which can be accessed by tapping the settings icon in the top right corner of the home screen.

  • Set Up Your Pin
  • Wocket will prompt you to set up a personal pin. This is to make sure that you can get it and others can’t. You can use numbers, letters or both. To access letters, tap the (ABC) icon on the right side of the screen - swipe up and down to see additional letters.

  • Removing & Swapping Accessories
  • You’ll need to remove accessories to charge your Wocket, add new magnetic striped cards and swap accessories. The easiest way to remove an accessory is to first remove your Wocket Card, then pinch the top exposed section of the wocket in one hand and the bottom edges of the accessory in the other.

  • Registering Your Wocket
  • You’ll need to swipe at least two payment cards registered in your name or wait another 5 minutes before swiping in the same card, to complete the registration. This ensures your Wocket is tied to you and only you.

  • Selecting A Category
  • Tap the menu icon in the top left corner to reveal your Wocket categories. When the My Wocket app is available, you’ll be able to rearrange these, rename them, and add custom categories.

  • Adding Cards That Have A Magnetic Stripe
  • Use the card reader to add new cards. Remove the Wocket accessory and connect the reader. Tap “Add Card” on the screen in the category where you’d like to add a card and follow the prompts.

  • Adding Other Cards And Record Types
  • To add other types of cards and information to your Wocket, select the category where you’d like to add the information and follow the prompts. Barcodes are entered using numbers found below the barcode and Wocket automatically generates a barcode on screen for you. Other information can be added manually using the keyboard on Wocket.

  • Navigating The Wocket Interface
  • Wocket was designed to be as intuitive and minimal as is could be. Tap the screen to select a card or category. Additional categories are revealed by tapping the menu button in the top left corner of your screen.

    To go back to a previous screen swipe the screen from left to right O→
    To edit a card or record swipe the screen from right to left ←O
    To go back to your last category at any time, just push the Wocket button

  • Charging Your Wocket
  • When it comes time to charge your Wocket, remove the accessory and connect the included charging cable to the port on the bottom. You can plug this cable into any standard USB port or charger.

    Your Wocket Card won’t run out of power. It automatically recharges every time it is inserted into Wocket.

  • Selecting Cards
  • Tap the card you want to use from the category that you want to use. It may take a moment to program your Wocket Card. Once it is ready for you to use, the screen will say “Wocket Card Ready”. Slide your Wocket card out from the back and swipe it at the point of sale just like a normal card! After 5 minutes, your Wocket Card will automatically erase itself as a security measure.

    The screen will display all the information a merchant might need to authenticate the transaction including the name on the card, the last four digits, expiry date and security code.

    If the card or record that you select does not have a magnetic stripe saved, the information will be displayed on the Wocket screen. Unlike smartphones and other reflective screens, Wocket is designed to be scannable by laser barcode scanners and other readers so it will work every time you present a barcode.

  • Exposing Full Payment Card Details
  • When making online payments, you may need to see the full card number. To do this, select your card and then tap the padlock icon to the left of the card number. Wocket will ask you to re-enter your pin to authenticate you before revealing the complete card details.

  • Battery Life
  • Wocket was designed to be ultra low power and last 6 months to 1 year on a single charge with regular use. Your Wocket will power off on its own after 30 seconds to save power - this is normal. You can change this timeout under the settings menu category “Display”

    The Wocket Card charges automatically whenever it is in the Wocket so you don’t need to charge it separately.

  • Using Wocket In Dark Environments
  • When using Wocket in dark environments, push the button on Wocket twice to activate the screen backlight. The light will turn off automatically when Wocket powers down.

  • VoiceMatch™
  • Your Wocket is VoiceMatch™ enabled. To activate this biometric feature for the first time, you’ll need to use the companion Wocket smartphone app. This will be available in for download shortly and will help you to ‘train’ your Wocket to only recognize your voice.

  • Storing Passwords And Notes
  • Unlike a traditional wallet, Wocket stores all your information securely away from prying eyes. This means that you can safely store passwords and notes like Social Security Numbers and insurance information.

    Add your information to the appropriate category by tapping “add” where you want it stored and manually entering the details. Over the coming months, we will be introducing new features that will make the Passwords and Notes on your Wocket even more powerful.

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